Squeeb's world
2002-02-26 13:06:54 (UTC)

Paranoia overload

K, remember what I said awhile ago about one's worst
nightmares being tailored specifically for them? I had
another one last night. My greatest fear has to be losing
Kim. I'd endure losing Scott fifty some times before I'd
want to endure losing Kim once. I can't imagine my life
without her. She's a big part of my world. Anyways last
night I had a dream that her and I were out together and she
was totally getting ticked off with me and then just left
with some other girl that she had met and I was devastated
and then I kept on seeing them around and they were joined
at the hip. I was so sad. And I feel bad too because the
other day when she was on Reading week, I had gotten an
email from her saying that she had earned another member of
her fan club and my first thought was "My God I hope she
hasn't met a guy- not NOW". I guess I'm kinda being selfish
because we're into our last two months together and I don't
really want to share her with anybody. Retarded, I know.

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