punker waiting for godot
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2002-02-26 07:21:51 (UTC)

mop-up on the interstate 5 freeway

another bike racing friend of mine went down on the freeway
tonight. i just shoveled up what was left of his bike and
followed the ambulance to the ER. he's gotta lot of broken
bones and scraped off skin. he went down on a rough part
of the road and THAT makes a big difference. he had on
full race leathers too.
if you ride a bike your gonna get hit by a car. thats just
the facts. at least here in sunny cali. my neighbor is
just healing from his last month hit and run. but he was
luck the lady just totaled his $12,000.00 road race machine
and he got lots of road rash. we haven't found all the
parts yet to put his ride back together. it was a 91' gsxr
1110, the canadian model, that is soooo much faster than
our 50 state model. and it has alot of after market mods.

i really hate hospitals. especially the ER's. too many bad

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