lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-02-26 05:45:09 (UTC)


grrrr...i am REALLY frustrated with my family. my dad is
going psycho over me!! he thinks i have secret romances
going on or something. plus my bro thinks the same thing &
it bugs me. and my mom is still critical of any guy i
mention (ooh sounds like an acute case of the nancies) so i
dunno. i am just mad.

my dad has been talking to me a lot about dating lately and
he was like, "i'm glad you can finally make mature
decisions about guys and i know you'll choose one of them
wisely." and he came in tonight while i was writing emails
just to say, "say hi to whatever guy it is tonight!"

ahh shut UP! plus he started talking to me about my sweet
16 party and how he really wants me to have one. haha i
don't even want to but he's telling me i need to plan a
really good one so whatever. and then brian started
chanting different boys' names and i was pissed but i
didn't go into my 3-second rage ;-) but i dunno i just
heard implications i did NOT appreciate.

and then yesterday my dad told me, "i'm leaving but be sure
not to have any guys over. four or five girls are fine but
i don't want eddie, joe, bobby, chris, or any of them in my
house while i'm gone." i was like "ohh sorry cuz you know
i might make out with one of them with all my friends
around." and basically something has made him suddenly be
afraid of all my guy friends.

i dunno i am just upset cuz i have always been applauded by
them for hanging w/ guys cuz they are nicer & won't
pressure me like a crew of mega-girlies would...and yet now
no one trusts me. ahhh i have virgin lips!!! don't accuse
me!! it feels like the 8th grade scandal all over again!!