Queen Bee

2002-02-26 05:05:31 (UTC)


I find myself asking that a lot lately, like why do i
have to feel like this and why am i crying all the time.
yes i did more crying today, in the car and in my room just
a few mins ago. (you guys must think im a big freakin
sissy) but i kinda cant help it. part of its cuz of ex, i
really do love himand its sad it took me so long to realize
that and at the worst possible time and the other part is
the pure simple fact of feling this way. Im sorry for
whinning about this all the time but its all i can seem to
think about. and then all i see around me is couples in
love like my best friend raven and her man, they just got
engaged. and i am soooo happy for them but it makes me
kinda makes me sad cuz i dont have love like that and i
really want it and it seems like ill never have that again
cuz what if me and him dont get another chance? then what?
Im destined to live my life in a small house by myself and
ill have to get snakes, and il call them my babies people
will run past my house and yell run away from crazy snake
woman. I have to go now and talk to ex.

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