The Xdruggie Files
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2002-02-26 05:03:05 (UTC)

He's chasing tornadoes/I'm just waiting calmly

I created a new screenname for my aol account. I wonder if
that is relapse behavior for sexual compulsivity? I used to
have separate screennames for when i was myself (like for
the family) and when i wanted to hook up. I don't intend to
use it like that, but i really hadn't thought about doing
it until i just decided to do it. It's very old versus new.
I hope that it doesn't lead to more.

I am becoming apathetic and intolerant of the others in
IOP. We have a full house now. Way too many people. I don't
deal well with all these people. I am about 'straighted'
out. I am getting snippy with people, i need to stop.

I hate my job, too.

tomorrow i will have something positive to say-if it kills
me. or i could just shoot myself. It's so easy to get
caught up in negativity. especially when you are cynical
like me.


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