punker waiting for godot
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2002-02-26 04:27:36 (UTC)

survival of the fittest

sooo this weekend was far more grueling than i anticipated.
it was pretty much non-stop playing and singing from 8 am
to 11pm both days. my hands and voice are destroyed.
actually dropped my drink at breakfast cause i couldn't
make a fist. i must be getting soft. i remember that most
summers i could do this and just be in pain on monday, not

my friend sherry crashed her car on sat. night after the
show. she was too drunk. i offered three times to drive
her but she assured me she was ok. she only smacked the
center divider but it totalled her car. she was smart
enough to get the car off the freeway and leave it there,
so she wouldn't get a d.u.i. i got the drunken call(like
i've gotten from other friends) at 4am "i crashed my car
come get me!!!".

i got a nice call from melissa. she plays in a touring
band i saw a couple of weeks ago. they just home after
three months out. and she was happy to sleep in her bed.
boy i know that feeling. the first night you get back to
sleep at home, such a good thing. she thanked me again for
the show and the comments i wrote in their internet

ohh yea!!! i got my ear thing fixed today. all stitches
out and a little bandage on it. it still hurts but at
least i can wet it down now. damm doctors, this guy is
saying he doesn't promises it won't come back. they just
say shit like that so they don't get sued. the cute nurse
held my hand while the doctor was very painfully trying to
peel off the bandages with dried blood and stuff stuck to
my skin. after the doctor was done the nurse was still
holding my hand. i had to ask her if i could have my hand
back and she blushed when the doc gave her a look. i gave
her a flyer for the next couple of shows.

i'm not staying on my budget very well. in fact i have
been over my budget for the last five months.. not good. i
might have to go back to work if i don't control this. i
don't know what has gotten into me. i think because when i
have a girlfriend i just buy her anything she wants.
clothes, shoes, cars etc...... now that i'm single i'm
buying all the stuff i never bought myself. plus i might
be replacing a girl friend with material stuff. whatever,
i'm tripping..... no i'm not tripping on it, just have to
watch it better.

ok it's 8pm and i'm going out.