me, myself and i
2002-02-26 04:14:06 (UTC)

work conflict

Well I had an interesting weekend. Friday night I met some
new people and me and cat partied with them a little… I
guess things happen that I shouldn’t have let happened and
I regret it. I did have fun tho… Saturday night I had to
work and the people I hung out with the night before kept
fallowing and calling me, which is kinda scary. But I went
to the pin up show that night and hung out with some of the
coolest people ever. Steph and I went to braden’s after and
I fell asleep probably from the lack of sleep I had the
night before. Well we didn’t leave his house till about
3:30 and steph was really tired, so eric and tony came back
to Geneseo with us and we stayed at my friend cats house
(her rents were out of town). Well I fell sleep on the
floor. I apologize to eric for takeing the covers. But it
was a fun night. Well this weekend the colona DQ is opening
up and there is kind of a conflict between the two DQ’s I’m
working at. That now my managers and the owners are
talking wither or not I can work at both places. Which I
want to work at both. Geneseo is so much easier… but the
colona one I get paid more and I am more familiar with it.
I’ll feigure something out. But work has taken my WHOLE
weekend ( so it seems). I do have Saturday off tho… but
Sunday I’m working double shift. And I have to open colona
by my self. Well I guess thas enough complaining for now
I’m out
Song: one slowndance- rufio