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2002-02-26 01:04:00 (UTC)

Armagedon here - people and toughs

Monday night and some people are praying. Other are living
just did before. My friends are chasing dreams.
I think some people are paying their sins. They did not let
my friend has boyfriend she wanted. So she get what whoever
do not want. I think there is some justice in it. They did
not let she be my better friend. But they cannot void her
to make other kind of friends. It is not right good for her.
But false friends have fear of her new kind of friends.
I would like to be for her what she was for me last year.
Some little piece of hope to be happy.
I am just a hero in streets of my home town. I do not own
fierce strong in physics. But I have a great heart to
support my friends.
I walked with my friend Carol around Park City. She wanted
to walk to get a good physics. I do not know if Mel is sick
or if Carol is with some thing else too. They were great
with each other. Apart they are almost common people.
Tomorrow another day in paradise. I will follow my friend
Mel to her school if I could wake at time tomorrow.
No every things are made commerce. There are things made of
heart friendship and love. I have programmed things to do