Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-05-04 08:35:07 (UTC)

The path to true love never did run smooth....

Why is it all women and girls are given this pre-
misconception that if you have a boyfriend your life will
be amazing? Coz it's not true!!!! Things are going ok, but
still you have homework and exams and stress and
family....need I say anymore?
Anyway I'm off to cbay again tonight, so things are looking
up. Although I'm rather worried that one of the members of
staff will hate me coz I turned him down. Get over me mate!
I'm nothing, not even worth a spare second of your time!
But still if he hates me his mates will hate me, and if his
mates hate me the bar staff wil hate me, and if the bar
staff hate me the shop staff will hate me, and then just
like I chain of dominoes I will be crushed by hatred. It
can't be good.
I'm feeling the pressure of exams and coursework now. I'm
really loving planning my media coursework! Its's guna be
amazing, my own film Noir! I'm actually quite pleased that
I still had a show down true cowboy stylee with the person
who wanted to work individually, and now I'm doing fine!!
I went to c hannah earlier this week in the eating
disorders clinic. she looks a little better but still very
thin and frail. I know just by looking at her that I'm
never guna let myself get that thin. nick is starting to go
on a diet now too. He really doesn't nned to and instead of
eating sensibly he's not eating at all. I can't deal with
another of my friends going into an eating disorders
clinic. He says he won't let it get that far, but things
can get out of hand and I love him too much for that to
Rite, Im off.