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2002-02-26 03:47:26 (UTC)


YEAH, that's what this is gonna be. Well, I'm currently in
the process of looking for another job. I will leave it in
the hands of the LORD. HE knows how much Zaxby's is hurting
me, so I know all things will work out if they are meant
to. Yesterday at church, the word was really good. It was
true. It was kinda directed to the young people of the
church. The pastor was saying that having your faith in the
LORD will probably make you a misfit w/ your friends. I see
it like this, a lot of people my age aren't ready to live
life the way it is suppose to be. I totally understand that
point of view. Why be a hypocrite. If you know you aren't
going to live life by the LORD, then don't be a hypocrite
and say that you will. Speaking for myself, my faith is in
the LORD. All things through Christ Jesus! Right! I know
the LORD is here for me to take care of me. I try to live
life by the book. For instance, the whole sex issue. Okay,
I was falling into it before. I was letting the devil get
to me. Now, I want to wait it out. I want to say until
marriage. I mean, I can't really say if I'm still
considered a virgin, but I don't plan to take part in
anything of that nature until LOVE is present. Love for me
won't be until marriage....that's the way I see it. A valid
point was made by my pastor....."WHY BUY THE COW, IF THE
MILK IS FOR FREE?" Right now, I just try to leave matters
in the hands of the LORD. Like, I don't know what is going
to come between me and Daryl. I won't sit here and try to
predict the outcome. If it's in the plans....it will
happen. Speaking of him, he is suppose to be asking me to
the prom! I'm not suppose to know yet, but someone let the
cat out of the bag. I'm kinda excited about that!!!! Well,
this wasn't meant to be long because I have some stuff to
do. I'll HOlla-xoxoxo