ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
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2002-02-26 03:29:01 (UTC)

never ever..

I will never ever, not at any time, for any conceivable
reason, whether in a fit of drama-queen-ness or not, never
EVER.. *not* want to spend time with you.. talking,
giggling, crying, teasing, interrogating, dodging
questions, changing the subject, laughing, becoming free,
denying I'm brainwashed, sticking up for my IF, starting to
doubt my IF, receiving homage, telling you how much I love
you, and how much I will ALWAYS love being your lifemate.

Never ever.

So in my roundabout way, the long, circuitous route this
juju queen always takes when trying to say something
important, difficult or emotional, (and if all three, than
good luck in trying to get me to make my point!)..

What I'm saying is..

I adore your company. No matter what we're doing/talking

Bottom line, dear boy, is that you're my true blue, fair
dinkum, best friend.

I can't say it with as much intensity as it deserves. With
as much feeling as I feel. Because I'm a drama queen, and
it goes off the meter. :)

f3, kps.


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