my life (as told by me)
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2002-02-26 03:20:18 (UTC)

it's time to face the facts...

it's the 25th, and i've been doing a lot of thinking. and i
think it's come time for me to tell josh i like him. he
probably already knows i do, but probably has no clue how
much. i mean, it's just i talk about him so much. and i'd
probably feel so much better just knowing that he knows.
right now, i feel like i'm carrying a heavy weight around
on my back. and i would so much enjoy letting it go. and
having it out in the open that i like him. i've liked him
since what, september? and all my feelings are getting
bottled up. it's almost to a point where i just want to
walk up to him and tell him in person. but i'd probably
wuss out. lol. i'm such a wussy when it comes to things
like this...anyways, on a lighter note. i nearly killed
myself snowboarding. i think i pulled every muscle
possible. and i got x rays of my finger. but i still dont
konw if it's broken or not. my dad called the doctors today
around 3 to find out, but no, they dont EVER call back.
geezus. it really hurts and i'd like it if they'd do
something about it. and we're back to school again. i wish
break wasnt over. actually, i just wish our school year was
a permenant break. lol. that would be so nice. but then
again, i'd like to learn some stuff every once in a while.
oh my dad thinks i should get my license so they dont have
to go with me everywhere. he told me i exceeded his
expectations for driving. he thought i was gonna be some
ditsy teenage girl driving. but i'm not apparently. lol. so
tm i guess i'll call and schedule my test. i just need a
little more work on parallel parking. hehe. but anyways,
everything in my life right now is looking up. in a way.
and i'm hoping that when i tell josh, things will get even
better. because keeping all these emotions inside me is
really getting to we'll see........