Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-05-04 07:46:47 (UTC)

thursaday again

i have seemed to notice that the days seem to repeat. I was
wondering if anyone else picked up on that. Well, first off
the Blues won and swept Dallas. That is so cool. I am
really happy for them. they are doing so well. I hope they
win it all.

Got up on time. Got to work about 10 minutes early.
Weveryhting was going well. Mike(boss) called and said he would be
half on hour late. That blew. Andy and I had to wait.
Around lunch time he asks Andy and I if we wanted to go get
the hard drives we need and so we were off. went to three
places and ended up in CompUSA. Then we went to lunch
together at Lions's Choice. It was nice.

On the way back i scoped out a chinese resturant to try out.
So we will see.

well, got back and we installed hard drives and started
installing, what fun. Did not get to watch a movie.
tomorrow though. Nabbed dome IBM training materials from a
dumpster. That was cool. then came home, watched the game
and here we are. see ya. I was thinking on upgrading my
membership on outpersonals to silver so i can meet guys in my
area. see ya.

jdiary2001 (at) gmail (dot) com