No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
2002-02-26 02:23:45 (UTC)


the events of my day listed in chronological order:

me: 'i have orange shoelaces!'
vagina: 'i love orange! if i were a fuck orange!
thats it! im naming my kid orange!'

orange frosting! yay!

me (to mary): 'im over him! i swear!'
craig: 'well its about damn time! see...look at that! its
the sun...a big ball of light finally rising!'

'i didnt know WORMS were gonna be on that test! gah! i
didnt study THOSE!'

'whats wrong?' im soo freakin sick of that question! if i
wanted u to know id tell u! its not like u really care

god...i know im horny when i actually take KENNY's offer

omg! mary! no way! i cant believe u! lmfao

alex: 'anyone currently occupying ur hole?'
me: 'nope'
alex: 'well can he *points down* rent it then?'

'stand here!...u just walked right past me!'

'hey shorty' why do ppl keep calling me that? grr

mrs anus sucks monkey dick

JTHM! yes!

'whatdya mean cut urself? y do u do that?' i cant believe i
told justin everything...i dont even know him! egads!
'we'll continue this session tomorrow'

oi! i did soo bad on all those tests! makin up 3 tests and
1 exam all in 2 hours! yikes!

mrs anus: 'oh i thought u just loved being here!'

me: 'guys...suck!'
zack: 'well girls are the same ya know'

work is chaos! 'well christina said u were flirting with
michael and pat...' what a fuckin bitch...she really is a

alex: 'you want my penis?:-P'
me: 'hmm...lets see...i i?'
alex: 'i dont know.. thats why i was asking you:o lol'
me: 'lol...should i?'
alex: 'hmmmmmm...... i dont know:-'
me: 'well u should know'
alex: 'i have no idea... b/c i cant make decissions for
someone else! b/c i dont know what you are thinking!'

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