Squeeb's world
2002-02-26 02:21:58 (UTC)

Miss Responsibility

K, I am so sick of being the one that everyone counts on and
depends on. I went home this weekend and I ended up feeling
like crap again because it was like Mom favours my sister
and that really irritates me. My sister once again pulled a
misnomer and totally ticked off my Mom and left me feeling
the brunt of it. Mom was upset because Kim rarely evers
comes home and has a decent visit with my parents. So this
weekend when her and her boyfriend came up, Mom thought
they'd get to have a visit, but no, Little Miss Party
informs Mom that she wants to stay in town and go out to the
bar after the party we were at. So she tells her that they
will stay with my Aunt. This didn't go over well. Poor Mom
was ticked and she never once said "Oh well it's nice to
have you home for the weekend" or anything. I just felt
jipped. I stayed at my Aunt's Thursday night and she didn't
make any fuss at all. In actual fact, she TOLD me to stay
there. I mean I get the reasoning and all- she wasn't
feeling well enough to come and get me that late at night
but still, when she made that big of a fiss over my sister,
it just kind of hurt. That and I helped her with all the
housework and stuff, getting the house clean for Kim and
Greg and Kim didn't thank either one of us. Ouch. Daddy was
happy that I was home and so was Granny but it just kinda
hurt that Mom made such a big fuss over my sister and not

Sidenote: Baby's online again but he has his thingy set to
"Away"- Grrrr

Current mood: jealous
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