a little piece of me
2002-02-26 02:19:55 (UTC)

monday...just keeps getting better

today didn't start off all that great. alarm went off much
too early this morning. rolled out of bed to a freezing
cold house. outside wasn't so pleasant, either. kinda
nasty...cold, windy. you get the picture. i have a test
tomorrow in orn. haven't started studying yet. i've been
a little...preoccupied the past couple of days.

in metals today, we learned how to solder. our next
project is a 'marriage of metals band ring'. we have to
use sterling silver, as well as copper and/or brass. i'm
actually very excited. first, because i happen to be a fan
of silver rings. second, mostly becuase there's something
about welding and making something so solid that gives me a
sense of power. sounds a bit odd, i think, but if you've
ever worked with metal you'd understand what i mean
(right??). anyway, have until wednesday to come up with
five designs, plus the usual research. hell, i had five
ideas before i even left the shop today. now it's just
going to be tough to pick one out.

came home, read 'the odyssey' for my night class. it was
review, mostly. we have a test next week in there.
shouldn't be hard. the professor gave us a practice test
tonight and i flew right through it. we have a take-home
essay portion, but that's no problem, either. class got
out an hour early. i love when that happens. came home to
a rather lovely email from lester. so yeah, better and

tomorrow, however, is not going to be fun. i have to go
see someone at 11:00 tomorrow. i'm not very thrilled about
that at all. i guess i don't like having to talk to
someone about being depressed when they themselves haven't
been depressed. when they base their knowledge off of
something they read in a book. sure, some have had their
problems, but i know i'm going to be very closed off
tomorrow until i find out where they stand. i shouldn't be
that way, but i can't help it.

well, i suppose i should get some studying done. probably
won't happen. i will probably do a little
more...thinking. yeah, that's it. thinking.


ps...thanks for the poem, lester. i was very impressed, as
usual ;)