a rop through my mind....
2002-02-26 01:31:29 (UTC)

not me again..........muahahaha

yeah..........was just washing some cans, yeah, that's
pretty much a good part of my life for the next, oh, 2
weeks, unfourtunatly, we (the 'shoes) aren't doing as well
as expected....oh least the banners designs look

I WANT YOUR CANS......those of you close enough to give
them to me prolly know how to reach me
([email protected] works too, i actually check e-mail)
the money from the deposits goes to the american cancer
socicety (spelling??), it's a good cause, and you'd be
helping us 'shoes (class of '04) a bunch and you'd have my
undying love (yes, it's that easy ;) )

yeah, so monday should be outlawed!!!!!! my chem prof has
his head up his ass again.....i'm tired....i want ice
cream........ummmm, yeah, my life is boring.......jeff,
don't give up, you know if you were straight, you'd be mine

ok, comp is being problamitic (fan is bad) so that's why
i'm not online much anymore, so yeah, i gotta go before i
hurt my poor comp :(