the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-02-26 01:29:00 (UTC)

Men vs. boys

that right I want a man .. not a gansta and not a pretty
bpy .. like a hot buetiful rough around the edges man ..
thats right I said Man !!! I have saod goodbye to my Steven
fantasy realizing that he does not deserve me b/c I am sooo
much better than him and smarter too .. ha .. he should
have noticed me when I was around .. I am upset b/c I just
don't think that .. I have moved on to another Steven who
well is proably not worht my time ither but hey I wanna
atleast try with this guy .. he is awsome .. cute funny ..
told me he loved me at the club .. I mean just the best
guy .. like I dunno I would proably get tired of him but
hell I am single lets try at least .. how ever I don't
wanna pull another MOnica Mccall and Kennith situation so I
am staying away .. that right Tiffinay hass interest in him
and I think they maybe will be hooking up .......( yes I am
sad and angry and pissed ) well yeah that covers it .. I
totally got screwed at report card time .. my pre cal
teacher needs to get a grip for real I am soo tired of
haveing him tell me I doing it right and then I am reqally
doing it wrong .. what a but head .. I miss Jaomes .. yeah
I dunno he and I are talking about maybe hooking up over
spring break and trying this out for awhile .. he really
did treat me well .. I am concered about a friend of
mine .. he is missing IN Austin Texas .. If anyone might
have seen him or heard from him please contact me his Nma
is Brian Cason he is approxiomatly 5'8.. 5'9 .. blonde hair
stout .. nice .. blue eyes .. he is 17 and he disappered
in Austin on his own acount and I am worried out of my
mind .. he walked away from our school group and has been
gon e for a couple of days .. i want to find him desperatly
so please if u hear anything contact me .. that you