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2002-02-26 01:24:15 (UTC)

life, love, and the pursuit of happiness

i believe that the death penalty and abortion are wrong.
no matter what. give me a for instance and i'll tell you
the same thing.

we didn't install life within a person. god gave that
person life. therefore only god can take that life away.
the right to life can never be taken away, as stated in the
declaration of independence, it is an unalienable right.
same thing with abortion. if the mother chose to have sex
she should deal with the consequences. if she didn't have
a choice, she could take the morning after pill. i think
that's ok. but only if she didn't have a choice. there
would have to be more in depth research on that. if she
chose not to take the morning after pill then she should
not have an abortion. even if the child has something
wrong with it, it's still a child. a mother will love her
child no matter what. if the birth could cause harm to the
mother, the baby should not be aborted. who is more likely
to live longer, in a healthier and safer environment: the
mother or child? the child.

i'm not forcing my beliefs on anyone. simply stating
them. you have the right to your own opinion. thank god
that this is a free country.