listen to my silences
2002-02-26 01:14:38 (UTC)

a little bit of everything

i am so sore.
i think i've managed to pull every muscle in my back and
shoulder within the past week.
it's all good though.

jon and i have seen each other most every day so far. it's
been wonderful. he is truly amazing. we had an awesome
night saturday after was fantasmic. last
night we had an...awkward...conversation. it was good
though and we really needed to have it. everything's out
in the open with us, and i'm almost surprised that
conversation didn't happen sooner. i've never had this
complete honesty before. no one has ever had the strength
of character to tell me when i've acted like a jerk. and
he was right. he knows me so well. it's scary sometimes.
i've never had anyone who could read me like i read
people. and he does. ohmigosh he does. i can't hide
anything anymore. ever. that's good for me. and he can't
either. there are times when i see things that i don't
want to see. but i've got to quit ignoring them. that was
almost bad. i'm done being scared of what i see. because
i can't understand everything without him explaining. so i
need to just ask. i know that now. i'm so glad that the
conversation last night took place. we are so alike and
it's great. he told me something today that just...i can't
explain how treasured it made me feel. i would do the same
for him.

i love you, and i can't say that enough.
if you ever doubt or question anything, my love, actions,
motives, whatever it may be, just let me know.
i'll love you forever
i'll like you for always
no matter what happens
my love you will be

brodie quit target. officially. he put his two weeks in
but never went back in.

kelly seems to be doing better, but i haven't read her
diary. she came over friday cause we were supposed to go
have lunch but i didn't go to school. so she came over and
had lunch with me. it was cool.

g seems to be having lots of doubts about all kinds of
stuff. we talked on the way home from the guard trip. he
and bridget are great, i just wish she would show him how
much she cares. he needs to be shown.

leha and devin got in another fight last night. but i can
see how much love they have for one another. they care so
much. i just wish they would talk. they'll get through
this. they always have before. guys, you have to talk.
if you don't say what's bugging you or whatever is on your
mind you're not going to go anywhere. you won't even stand

dee and jesus are doing lots better. they talked it out.

dre seems to be doing all right. i don't know though.
something was on her mind the other day at guard. i don't
konw if it was good or bad...

micro is not doing well. i'm really really really worried
about her. she's hiding it from everyone, but showing it
at the same time. she's such a wonderful person and she
didn't deserve that. at all. there are times when i just
want to smack brian.

today is my bro's birthday. we went out to eat at
tumbleweed and i think i had way too much salt. i'm
feeling a little woozy. good word that: woozy. yeah, k so
i'm out. later.

final thought: star light, star bright, last star i see
tonight; i wish i may, i wish i might, reassure my love