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2002-02-26 01:10:57 (UTC)


Hey there, how have you been? I'm fine thank you very
much I very much appreciate it. Well today I decided to
make this diary, I have another one but it's private so
yeah. Well n/e ways here I am bored as hell and i'm
writing it down. Today I didn't do n/e thing but clean my
room, watch Halfbaked, take my baby to his school, and eat
Pizza. But yeah I pretty much did all that by myself and
now here I am still at home doing nothing. Well yeah it
was alright thought cause today is my day off and I get to
relaxe I guess. Well yeah Well I dont really know what to
say but yeah hmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah i'm gonna be getting
paid this fri. (I think) and hopefully my paycheck will
come out PHAT!, cause I have a couple of people I owe money
to and I really need to pay them back but yeah. Hmmmmm Oh
yeah and I also want to open up a bank account so that I
can save some money up so that I can get the fuck up out of
here. But yeah that's pretty much my whole day and yeah.
Well Bye, Have a nice day. And hope to hear from you soon.

Love Always,