Nick's Journal
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2002-02-26 01:07:15 (UTC)

Magnificent Monday

Yeah that's right. my monday rocked. It really did. You
know those days when you get out of bed and you say to
yourself "this day is gonna suck shit". You go and shower
(well other people do, i just sit around) and think "god
damn it why do i have to face this day?". Well i woke up
at 7 am.....correctoin. i set my alarm for 7 and rolled
out of bed at 7:50. I was confronted by dave who had
already had his usual 3 pots of coffee and two packs of
cigarettes to get the day started. I look at the clothes
sprawled over my chair like a piece of baloney that fell
on the side of the counter. I scratch myself, aknowledge
dave's existence with a grunt and pull on my pants. this
takes three attempts as it is very hard to coordinate the
intricate leg holes. i throw on my shirt and give dave
the "when the fuck are we going to eat" grunt, he replies
with a series of grunts that mean "i still have 2 more
pots of coffee and a pack of cigarettes to finish, so how
does tuesday sound?". i grunt and climb back in bed and
sleep for 40 more blissful minutes. i wake up and go to
shultz. now the whole way there i just kinda think about
how much the day will suck. once i get there i get my
usual modest meal of sausage, hashbrowns, gravy, hot
sauce, and a sausage egg and cheese muffin. i ate with
gusto but sadly thought about how i woiuld have to buy
myself a new asshole once this shit tore through my
present one.
i left shultz and went to my teacher. i won the battle of
the grade! i was right. that was the first good news of
the day. the second i began to realize as i waited for
jason and ryan at the bowling alley. i hadn't farted! it
was amazing! i felt quite good by then, and jason, ryan,
and i made our way through the line of faggots waiting for
ja-rule tickets. we bowled three games and i actually did
decently. now it just felt invigorating to be able to
bowl before class and make fun of white people that think
they're bad ass cos they go see a rapper. i then headed
for class where the second half of my group project
awaited me and we turned it in and then we got out after 5
mins of class. where did justin and i go? that's right.
bowling! another two games! plus i heard the song that's
been stuck in my head for 3 weeks!!! i know it's rem but i
do'nt know the name. we then proceeded to econ (or rather
i did) where greg and i made fun of stupid idiots that
asked dumbass questions. from there i came back to find
nathan hanging out in our room. now over the weekend some
fuckfaces put gum in our keyhole, and we were going to get
a locksmith, but nathan was able to get it out with a
paperclip! yay! then i went to run, and as i was coming
back i thought "boy i want to check my mail" and i thought
sadly, "oh wait, my door is broken so i dn't have my key"
but i reached in my pocket and remembered that cos nathan
fixed it i had my key so i could check my mail! what a
small wonder.
now i'm skipping to german, where my teacher and i have a
great convo about hte chicken dance phenomenon. i stroll
back breathing the great fresh air, and enjoying the 60
degree weather. i remembered how i thought that this would
be a horrible day. it's sorta like you pass a bunch of
sorority girls and you want to hate them for being such
dumb bitchs, but all of a sudden they start tonguing your
balls. this day has tongued my balls. ryan, john, and i
go lift, and that goes just as well as ever. we then head
for dietrick and i eat a "balanced" meal to make up for
i just wonder about days like this. how certian things
work out. i mean the fact that nathan fixed the lock and i
had my key wiht me to check my mail instead of dejectedly
remembering the fuckfaces of the weekend. that i was able
to aimlessly wander down the path of joy instead of the
one of retrospective anger. the fact that i finally hear
a song i've been trying for so long to remember. i know
they are just little things, and actually seem quite
trivial as i write them down, but they made me feel
great. basically i had 4 hours of sleep last night and
have been up since 7 going through a day that i felt would
be full of hassles. but since i've gone and actually done
something for once i feel that the day is complete. and
it's sorta like what i deduce from reading the dharma bums
by monsieur kerouac. basically, life feels so much more
fulfilling when you've climbed a mountain. when you've
felt discomfort. when you've slept out in the freezing
cold and have to dance around at 3 am just to keep from
dying. when you've exhausted yourself to all extent.
granted i've done nothing like that, but i felt like i had
done more today than i have in the past 3 weeks. getting
up early and getting small tasks done made me feel
productive. and i strolled around late this afternoon i
figured how great it will be to crash into my pillow
tonight and sleep until who knows when. for tomorrow i
will return to my old self. waking up late flopping
around through classes. and falling into bed with a sigh
of "what the fuck am i going to bed for, i did NOTHING
today? i'm going to bed solely because i just have more
NOTHING left in front of me." tonight i'm going to bed
because i can say "i've done EVERYTHING therefore there's
NOTHING ahead of me." you ever had one of those days?
well if you have, then i'm sure you can understand why
this was a magnificent monday.

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