Real Life
2002-02-26 01:06:50 (UTC)

"Good Day" Feb 25, 2002

Today was a good day. I am happy for no reason at all but
I am really feeling great and all and it's odd. I really
can't stop thinking about Chris still it's so hard he sends
me mixed signals. I don't know what to do about it. I swear
I may just have to give up even though I would give
anything to be with that boy. I think he's so worth crying
over or waiting for. I can be stupid around him or laugh
around him and not feel one bit stupid at all. But the best
of all he looks soo cute when he's sleeping I couldn't help
but stare at him. I mostly sit and stare at his screen name
for hours and gaining guts just to say hey! After all how
couldn't he leave a good impression on you? Well, mostly
today I am maybe happy because Tara might show me this
Jeremy Cunningham boy and hook us up but I never heard of
or seen him. He sounds really nice and all but I still
don't think any boy can outbeat Chris. Oh, and I also found
out that Allen the boy that I was supposed to hook up with
this summer when I go down to Texas well he gets high and
drinks! How sad is that he's so nice to and this guy is
going to pay his way to college. But, with that much going
on with him right now I hope he doesn't get caught I would
feel so bad. Yes, I can't wait till summer to go to Texas
for one half and my cousin to come to Utah we are like so
tight I tell him everything besides a few other close
friends. We never knew eachother much until Thanksgiving
and now we are so tight we call eachother all the time.
It's way cool. Well, I am really tired and I need to go get
some rest so I leave you at that. Peace Out/manda

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