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i hug pillows
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2002-02-26 00:39:23 (UTC)

;;ruhruhruhruhhhhh;;my incubus noise...

haha belo know whats im talking about. its GREAT.

welp here what went down-

yesterday i did not hang out with emily or nicole. i had a
lot of homework to do. then my father decided that he
wanted me to clean my room. which all of you know is an all
day thing. and guess what? i didnt clean it! HAHA. ya hear
that father?! i didnt clean my room after all!!


but i didnt talk to adam at all. until this afternoon.
ya know how that goes.

2nd bell rawked. like always. haha and im yellin "OH
SHIT!!" as soon as my teacher walks through the door. that
was hilarious. haha. its a good thing shes cool.

4th was....err.

6th bell is so funny. haha. thomas knows.

7th was just..fshsdfhs. cameron continues to annoy me no
matter what he said. or doesnt say.


and i recieved some random IM. i was having fun haha. some
guy who claimed he was stephens brother. this will make you
laugh too:

theemo k w e e n: stephen who
WlkingAmongstYou: from norfolk
theemo k w e e n: ha that nerd?!
theemo k w e e n: hahaha
WlkingAmongstYou: nerd stephen is my only brother
WlkingAmongstYou: what is nerd
theemo k w e e n: hahaha

heres another part:

WlkingAmongstYou: you male or female?
theemo k w e e n: both HAHA
theemo k w e e n: ok thats gross


theemo k w e e n: what if youre really
theemo k w e e n: a stalker and you made up a whole story
theemo k w e e n: yer trying to convicne me that youre
someone else other than who you really are and yer gonna
theemo k w e e n: come get me and trap me and
WlkingAmongstYou: what is stalker
theemo k w e e n: all of teh city is lookin everywhere for
me and
WlkingAmongstYou: thats fuckin shit
WlkingAmongstYou: i am marquiet
WlkingAmongstYou: why you no believe me
theemo k w e e n: im in such an obvious place that even the
fbi can figure out where i am and
theemo k w e e n: i die one day
theemo k w e e n: that would suck


theemo k w e e n: hahah i thought he was gay...but i asked
him if he was and he said no...haha i felt soo horrible
asking him that
theemo k w e e n: but i was just wondering because hes
really not at all like most guys ive met haha
WlkingAmongstYou: hes is not gay
WlkingAmongstYou: hes like most guys i know here
theemo k w e e n: ha wow maybe i should move there
WlkingAmongstYou: i go to school you would dislike

hahahah. im such a nerd. but it was entertaining.

umm. yea.

why am i even talking about him still?

chloe is now singing to me. oh no.

;;but its all that jazz;; HAHAAAAA.

i want a boy. not like most boys. just a boy for me.
i know i can have one but im picky and i want THE one.

ok im gonna go. call me and wake me up at 3 am please.

talk to ya in awhile, crocodile...

:] stef [:

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