out of reach
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2002-02-26 00:06:58 (UTC)

::miserable :: i b real mes::

well it was the first day back from a week's vacation.
talk about your rude awakening. i don't know whether it
was because it was the first day back or that school has
gotten worse but today was utterly unbearable. time
dragged on forever, every voice seemed to fuse together to
become this loud, monotonous ringing in my ears, walking
through the halls felt like walking through a gauntlet with
fucked up teenage relationships attacking me with
their "love" and affection. i felt trapped. i couldn't
escape. i hate high school.

as much as i want to make this entry another rant about how
much high school sucks, i think i'll stray from the cliche
and just leave it at that. i should be writing my psych
report right now but the longer i wait the quicker i'll get
it done. ha. i'm retarded for not working on it over the
break, or now even. but it will get done.

i feel very tense. maybe even a little nervous. i'm not
sure why but its a terrible feeling. i feel like i felt
before vacation. i feel like one wrong move is going to
cause an emotional breakdown inside. since i didn't feel
this way at all during vacation, i can only attribute this
pain to school. it isn't the learning or working part, but
really the social aspect. the fact of the matter is, i
hate stupid people. and i look around my school and i see
very few intelligent individuals or even any sort of
individuals. everyone is all the same and it makes me
sick. only five more weeks till spring break. yippee.

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