SuGaR RuSh
2002-02-25 23:51:11 (UTC)


lordy lordy 2 day was funky...1st per i got my test back
and i got the high score of 58%!! woohoo lol then 2 per i
had 2 do a speech and i kicked ass on that...then 3rd per i
had 2 do a skit in french and i kicked ass on that 2 and i
gotta 39/40!! woohoo i even shocked my teacher lol
THENNNNNNNNN 4th per i got aother test back and i knew i
was gunna fail so he calls me up 2 c my grade and i thought
i was gunna c like a 13% or sumthin and i f'n got a 79%!! i
was so happy like this class is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring and
its just omg words cant even explain thennnn
againnnnnn 7th per i took a quiz and i got an a on that!
lordy lolol and sumthin has cursed me w/ green day lol like
i use 2 hate them sooooo bad it was sick and then 2 day in
gym i was listeng 2 1 of thar songs and i was totally luvin
it and i came home and d/l sum of thar songs..its so scary
like thar old stuff is great im so
scareddddddddd......hmmm..this week is gunna b good...well
the weekend... fri im goin 2 a hockey game wooohoooooiesss
and sat im goin 2 a concert which is even more
wooooohoooooooiesssss and martys commin back on wed yayaya
mikes finally gunnab able 2 drive w/o his parents on
fridayyy yaya well mabye cuz his mom is bein a poo and
sayin he isnt gettin it then but who knows mann.. it was so
nice out 2 dayy and i love it when it gets dark later its
so nice i cantttttt wait till spring n summer hehehe and
thars 55 days until the *nsync concert and 1 month and 28
days until i get my permitttt..i get that 2 days be4 the
*nsync concert 2 hehehehhe lordy i typed so much 2
cold..hehe im out cya