mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-25 23:45:53 (UTC)

Back in counseling....

Well, as of today, I am back in counseling. That is a good
thing, cause I need to refocus and get my shit together
again. I think that the counselor that I am seeing is gonna
work out, she appears to be real nice, and seems to work
with me well. I need to make appt. w/pyschiatrist for meds,
which I also need. I want to get back on even keel, I need
to work out my anxiety and depression ,so that Lisa and I
can have a normal relationship. Counselor said that I need
to let go of issues w/ex and mom & dad, that ball really is
in their court, if they want to be part of my life now that
I have Lisa, it is up to them. As for financial stuff, I
just need to chill out and accept the fact that it will
take time to pay off, not to keep expecting miracles. It is
so easy to say & easy to write about, now I need to learn
to do it . I want to improve myself, I also would like to
lose some weight, but we need to take 1 step at a
well, i guess that is about it for tonight. Take care, and
I will be back.....