C'est la vie!
2002-02-25 22:59:20 (UTC)

Gold Medal.........

Well, I'm sure you've heard by now but I'll tell you again
anyways. Team Canada has won the gold medal in hockey, I
am so happy, no idea why it means so much to me but it does
and I'm happy. I had a few beers, watched the hockey game,
then went out and played a game of shinny with some
friends. It was actually a fun day, haven't had too many
of them in the last six months. Life is pretty boring up
here, but things will pick up once my training starts.
I befriended a dog named Max today, he was always a mean
tempered dog and when the owners asked if I wanted to house
sit I figured I would make friends with the monster. It
was good, I rastled with him and played fetch(him not me)
I'm sure we'll get along just fine. Nothing else to tell
so until next time...........