Visions Of Life
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2002-02-25 22:49:58 (UTC)

Happiness In Desperation- An Anti-Poem

"Bad teachers do not touch me; the great ones never leave
me. They ride with me during all my days, and I pass on to
others what they have imparted to me."- Pat Conroy, The
Lords Of Discipline

Seeking an end to this madness
Added weight on my neck
Spindle demon
Wrapping seeds in my heart
Yet despite this black abyss
I find light, though unexpected
Darkness cannot consume
While a rainbow lives within
Happiness in desperation
Exception to all rules
Blessing in mascerade
Curse in full glory
What will become in the end?
Can joy take on bad luck
Ease the tension in my mind
Set the right path a glow
So I may travel easily
Or is torture the price I must pay
To remain happy
To keep blessings in my life
Do I need to suffer
So my rewards are well deserved
Or is my presence meerly accidental
Fallen civilian in the enemy's fire
Wrong turn leads to destruction
Though quite desperate,
I smile
I cannot be brought down
From this natural high
And if the choice arose
Be happy and hurting
Or alone and perfect
Id rather keep my happiness
And take on the world

Work is annoying. I am tired. Life is great though
stressful. I am happy and in love. I am not a communist.

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