Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-25 22:44:37 (UTC)

I'm Wind Whistler... I always wanted to be a My Little Pony

Yep, ok I took a quiz thing and it said I was Wind
Whistler ... very interesting... Hummm...
Well, I cleaned the bird crap off my car, and the wet
paper towel, actually froze to the back windshield. That's
hoe freaking cold it was! Damnation, I hate the winter,
and snow! *growls* ... Buts its all good now, poop of the
pretty car, and I'm ok, really I am...
Today kinda was ... bland. Nothing cool, or interesting
happened. I'm sitting with 2 pot heads in Algebra now.
And we're watching Galippolli (sp) in History. We have to
pick what classes we want for next year by Friday, so I get
to decide on what to take and stuff. Good times ... not
I get to miss English tomorrow, yeah. Not like I'm
really missing anything important anyway, but still. I'm
so not 'living dangerously.'
I think my car makes me speed. Heh, how cool. Its
probably some weird mental thing I have in connection with
my car. How cool! I love my car, oh baby, oh baby... Ok,
not... I'm in a weird mood and everything that's far from
funny, I'm laughing out. Help.
Vuillemen got fined $2000 dollars for hitting Roncada
upside the helmet after the race... heh.
"DV was just pissed that I passed him and he thinks that
everybody should get out of his way because he's
the "points leader"...This is BS, and everything he said
regarding the incident was a good excuse for acting the way
he did. After the race I ran into his back tire, and he
threw his bike on the ground, jumped on me and started
punching me in the helmet 3 times." - RonRon...
I hope they show that on ESPN! Heh, I probably found
that way to amusing...
Ok well ... I'm going to go eat, and then sleep (wow,
novel idea...)

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