Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-02-25 22:24:46 (UTC)

I feel good, when i get down

Sittin here, at Josh's my current beau/play
toy...corruption is a great thing, i seem to have a fetish
with virgins, listenin to MSI...things are so weird, I need
to get back to bday's comin up, gonna have an all
out rioting drunk passed out blast, excited. Livin in the
ghetto, went from top of the world, to hell....I knew id
end up there, just didnt think it was gonna be this soon,
oh well, its what i deserve, josh makes it a little bit
easier, im so thankful for that, i almost stole my moms car
a couple days ago, a long with a debit card, was gonna
drive back to Mi, be with my loved ones one last time, then
use that .45 Colt that i love so much to shoot a hole, not
through the ceiling like last time, but through the roof of
my mouth. But i didnt, im here, is that a good thing or a
bad???hmmmm....wonders of the world. Well im gonna get off
here, pun intended, another entry of my fucked up thoughts.

Mood:moody, wow shocking aint it?