Fire Star

My battle
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2002-02-25 20:44:26 (UTC)

Day one, fast two

Dear Diary,

Food log:
Today~ So far I ate nothing. I weighed myself...114....I'my
very happy!

I had a great day today! I didn't eat anything and I wasnt
even hungry! Last night I weighed myself and i was back to
119. I was soo sad, I felt so defeated. I am nack down to
114 today, though. I won't slack off anymore on the
weekends, i just can't do that.
I got out of school early today (Thank you orthodontist!)
Draven* was sad though ( I wouldnt get to see him for the
rest of the day) I'm afraid sometimes that he has too much
control over me. I have been waiting to tell him forever
that I have a concert this Saturday. I was afraid to tell
him because I thought he would be mad. It's like I'm afraid
to have a life besides him. He controls me. But I really do
love him. And someday i will stand up to him, Someday when
I'm not afraid that he would leave me. It's hard to admit
this, but I am a weak person. I couldnt live without him,
hes my boyfriend and best friend. I need him. ::sigh::

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