The Story of Me
2002-02-25 19:33:32 (UTC)

WOOHOOO!! I Ovulated!!

It was another trip to the doctor this morning. My nerves
were jumping like water in a hot pan of grease. I wasn't
sure of what to expect out of this appointment, all I knew
was that the doc was looking to see if I ovulated. Another
ultrasound. Cindy *the technician* is so friendly and
funny:) She is the one that made the comment about washing
the sperm to keep only the smart ones "the girl sperm."
Anyway, she has a way of making me feel comfortable so I am
asking the questions when they come to me instead of just
going home and looking it up on the net. So I asked her,
"What are ya lookin for today Doc?"

"The corpus luteum." Thank God I have done my homework and
that didn't sound like, "Blah blah blah."

The corpus luteum is the fluid sac that the egg *ovum* grows
inside of. When you ovulate, the ovum is expelled from this
sac and sent on it's way to the uterus. If fertilization
occurs, the corpus luteum produces progesterone, which
supplies nourishment until the placenta grows. If no
fertilization occurs, the corpus luteum is shed along with
the uterine lining and the unfertilized ovum. But this is
NOT what we are hoping to happen! LOL We want it to be
feeding a little one. Or, in my case, I released TWO eggs.
If the IUI was successful, there is a possibility of twins.
SO!! *nervous laughs*

"What are you looking at now Doc?" I can see the screen and
something is large and white.

"That's your uterine lining. It's nice and thick! Perfect
for growing babies!"

I give her a look, "I'm not telling you today if you are
pregnant. You have to wait until Tuesday." She smiles and I
joke, "Crap. I think ya'all just like torturing me."

She laughed and said everything looks good and that she will
see me next Tuesday. But for today, the fact that I did
indeed ovulate is something to celebrate. Now we know that
it IS possible for me to get pregnant, whereas before, I
wasn't even ovulating. YEAH FOR ME!! Keep the prayers