jallure's eyes
2001-05-04 03:08:23 (UTC)

missing him

03 May 2001

it's funny, well... actually in reality, perhaps depressing
how you can miss someone so much it feels as though maybe
they are an addiction... i miss him. that is my conviction.
as the days pass and the day turns into night, i sit, i
wish, the tears...i fight. i miss him. when my mind
wonders, my attention is taken, into a cast of thought...i
ponder; how could love be forsaken? i miss him. him and i,
we are in a state of bliss... some call love, but it's a
feeling i feel in the depths of my soul... i remember our
first kiss, the taste; everlasting. i miss him. i find my
strength in him,the happiness is overwhelming and when i
see him; i indulge in him because i love him... and i miss

*sighs* i miss do0kie, its like i can miss him in a
positive way and i can write and feel things as i have
shown in this poem from the heart but its odd, it is as
thought i can do that , but at times... it is as though i
am hating him because i have to miss him. gosh i think im

somebody respond.