A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
2002-02-25 18:29:09 (UTC)


monday 02.25.02

When you're away
far in the life of ur own
i sit and ponder
waiting for u to come
to make me complete again...

As i listen to ur tired voice
how i wish i can be next to u
embracing u with all my heart
watching as u drift off
into a place of peace and silence

Knowing that u're coming closer
a second seems like a minute
an hour seems like a lifetime
as you're moving closer
to where i want u to be

When i see ur face
the smile that i long for everyday
a voice which makes the sadness go away
i feel overwhelmed with joy
i feel complete, as complete as i want to be

As you take my hand in urs
as i run my fingers down ur face
a minute seems like a second
a day seems like an hour
even a lifetime with u is not enough

The clock continues to tick
i must say good bye with a smile
holding in my tears as hard as i can
as u fade away around the corner
as my tears overtake my heart

I know i will see u again
but until that day comes
my heart will continue to ache
waiting for u to take my hand again
waiting for u to make me complete

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