a rop through my mind....
2002-02-25 16:17:49 (UTC)

something or other....titles are anoying.... right now i'm sitting in class with the most
anoying adjunct (can he get anything right??). got a test
in here in a week....not worried, it's stats, easy math
(remember, you're reading the words of a math
major)...doing this instead of listenig to avoid throwing
my book at this guy......

yeah, so friday i'm getting draged to a steak house, cant'
remember the last time i was at one of yeah, the
only thing i'll be able to eat is the fried (prolly in
lard...but i'll just prentend it isnt' so i can eat) food,
you know, french fries, onion's a bad thing cuz
i'm doing so good at avoiding fried foods (i'm trying to be
healthy, and possably lose weight, yes, i need to...)

yeah...monday sucks ass, it should be outlawed....this guy
bugs me, i can sit here and not pay attention and not miss
a thing...and i chose this section cuz i thought it was
going to be with Deb, a GOOD professor (she also has her
PhD in math, so she knows what she's talking about)....gah
gah gah gah!!!!

yeah, thank GOD for aim! the ultimate distraction durring
those boring classes!

five minutes left, only five minutes....yay it's done!!