Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2002-02-25 15:44:40 (UTC)

Little Girls and New Barn

On Saturday I had to wake up at 6 something in the morning
to go to Wheaton for a parenting class, of all things! I
told Heather she could come to watch the kids while I spent
2 and a half hours learning how NOT to bash my ex in front
of them....which I don't do anyway. The class is required
by law so I didn't have a choice. I found out I had to go
on Thursday...short notice.
Since my Mom was on vacation Saturday I asked her to watch
the kids because I couldn't imagine why Heather would want
to sit in my truck or at a McDonalds with them alone for 2
and a half hours. My Mom said she would watch them so I
told Heather not to worry about coming. She WHINNNED and
said that I told her she could go and why can't she go blah
blah blah. She wanted to do her homework, again very
strange to sit in my truck and do homework but whatever.
So we went and she sat there. I told her to come in but she
wanted to sit in the truck...weird. I called her once and
made sure she was still alive, she was but she still
wouldn't come in the building.
Class was finally over. We headed back to Alberts house.
The kids weren't there. We spent about 30 minutes looking
for them, by then it was about 1 or so. Finally we found
them and we decided to go up to the feed store. Feed store
girl was actually there for once! We got some equishine and
then waited around while feed store girl got off the phone.
When she got off we gave her Avery's shtuff....I let her
read his Jail Bird letter, found out her name is JAMIE!!!!
and gave her my phone number & e-mail and told her to call
me if she wanted to chat.
I was a nervous wreck!! It went well though. She seemed
REALLY pissed at him so I think he's in trouble come

From there we headed towards the McHenry barn. It was
getting late and I wanted to get it over with. We were
driving down the road the barn is on, it was hilly and
curvey, and I asked Heather to please call the barn to get
their address and tell them we are coming. She
I kept asking her, telling her she could use MY phone and I
couldn't drive and talk on this road because I didn't know
where I was going and it was so hilly etc. She kept
refusing SO I pulled off into a ditch and I'm like "Why did
you come if you're not even going to help? All I want you
to do is call them and tell them we are coming!" She got
scared like I was going to kill her....I called the barn
(Jennifer) and asked for the address etc.
We got to the barn. They were putting up a round pen and
there were horses/ponies in the pasture, chickens running
around. It looked like a typical big backyard kinda barn,
an old cow barn.
We walked around for a while then the manager (Chuck? I can
never remember his name) came out and gave us the grand
tour. Both Jen and Chuck are really nice. As we talked we
found out we all knew and delt with most of the same horse
people. It was so weird! Jennifer was actually married to
Wade, Alexis' Uncle. Heather was excited about that...and
she turned out to be a former business partner w/Karen. The
story is long and twisted. It even includes a Llama....if
you remember, Charlie was trying to steal one but it
wouldn't get on the trailer...?

The kids loved chasing the chickens around all afternoon.
Jennifer also seemed open to letting the kids ride the
ponies. I am SO happy with this move. The only real down
side is the drive.

I guess Heather wants to move to this barn because they
breed and show paints. They also have a REAL trail and a
round pen. There isn't an indoor yet but they leveled out a
place for the outdoor (lighted) and did trenches for hot
wire around the 2 huge pastures and assorted other paddocks.

The board for Me and whoever I bring with is going to be
$25 cheaper than whoever else is there. So that means COmet
will have a stall for $225....and the mare will have
pasture for $125. I really need this break even if it is
farther to drive. I am at a crossroads right now. I will
have to decided if I am going to pursue the job with Vicki
in FL or move back to McHenry. I really like the new barn
and I love IL....FL seems so alien to me.

The reason we are leaving Maranatha is the politics. Now
Pam is really cracking down on when the board checks get
in. She just bought a house in AR and a new mini
van...that's not our problem. She needs to manage her money

Now we just have to get Hayley to come with to the new
barn. I would really miss her and Brady. This would also be
a good opportunity for her to get him to some shows.

Yesterday wasn’t quite so active. I rode Jose’ at HT w/my
mom and Amber then I did my laundry. I took a nap for a
little while and then we went to Hackney’s for a burger.
Heather wanted to go with us to eat. I tried to make it
clear that I wanted time with my family, alone, but she
insisted on forcing herself into our dinner plans. As we
got into the truck, to my relief, she called and said she
couldn’t make it.
I think our joking about her being a lesbian could have
some real meaning behind it….that or she is just a very
needy girl…but then again Jen was needy too….ack! I just
have to watch my step. I am not attracted to Heather at
all. She is more like my little sister than anything else.

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