Pure Belligerence
2001-05-04 01:29:53 (UTC)

*Nice car bud*

Today in forensics we did a mock trial and me and alicia
were defense attorneys, she was my co council. Austin the
jerk who thinks he knows everything was the judge. Derek
and Allen were the prosecutors and the rest of the people
were the jury. Derek was yet again being a moron and
objecting everything we said... and austin was sustaining.
He made my rephrase my questions a million times.... when i
wasnt leading the witness. Ahh well we lost badly because
they wouldnt let us use all our evidence. Afterwards we
were sitting on the curb and this black car is coming right
at us. I figure its some ass who wants to seem cool to us,
but then matt pulls up, its his car! Hes like... hey, what
are you guys doin here? We tell him were waiting for our
parents and we ask why hes there.. and he says its to pick
up his friend. After he left alicia yells to me hes sooo
hot. And i knew she liked him... she wouldnt admit it
before. Now, you might think this is like stupid and who
cares..... but she refused to admit this before so.. yeah.
ok then. Then i got some lip glosses at the store which i
love, lip gloss is great!