Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-02-25 14:58:12 (UTC)

what's been up....

well, a lot has been up. my weight, for one thing. I have
gained a lot of weight. It seems like since I quit smoking,
I can't stop putting food in my mouth. I have gained 8 lbs,
and I have GOT to get it and what I had gained while
smmoking off. The other had crept up on me, but the quit
smoking weight, wow. It's like *BAM* it's there all of a

So, I have started a low carb/low fat diet that I will do
for as long as necessary. Then I will have to learn to
adjust & watch what I eat.

I am also running or working w/weights every day. I can't
let myself slack off on that. I have let things go and been
so undisciplined for so long that now I am manic about it.

So, I am weighing in art 168 lbs and will keep any progress
posted through here.

My friend Rick got his black belt in Hapkido. How awesome
is that? I eman you hear about "black belt" and the level
of experience and ability that entails, but I have never
known a black belt in real life... so cool & what an
accomplishment for him!!! I am very very proud of him. I'm
really glad I was able to be there & see his test for it

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