2002-02-25 14:34:37 (UTC)

When a friend is lost

I know i have not written in a while, i have not had
anything to write. Although now i do. A friend of mine from
school is now gone. Everything started on Saturday at our
schools snowball dance. I was there with my boyfriend and
having a pretty good time. When i saw David(the friend i
lost) just leaning against a table not looking too happy.
The last thing he said was "hi, how are you?". When i came
to school this morning the usual hussel and bussel was
absent. People were either really quiet or in tears. I had
no idea what was going on then a friend of mine by the name
of Brad came over to our group and he was crying. I asked
what was wrong and someone else told me that David
committed suicide Saturday night after the dance. I didn't
want to believe but i knew it was true adn i just busted
out in tears. I'm sorry that is all i can write right now.