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2002-02-25 13:21:28 (UTC)

Hockey nation

Well the Olympics are over but wow! Canada started off
pretty bad- falling at everything we did and a couple of our
big medal hopefuls fizzling out but the end of the Olympics
was GREAT! Our mens' hockey team got off to a shaky start
being beaten badly by Sweden and a lazy win over Germany but
then things started rolling. Thanks to Sweden losing their
Quarterfinal to Belarus we were basically guaranteed a spot
in the Gold Medal game and what a game it turned out to be-
Canada vs the USA- could it get any better? Of course I
couldn't stand watching the States win- I'd rather lose to
anyone than them but my boys came through and whipped them
good 5-2! And we're back on top of the hockey world. I felt
so good for Gretzky because if we had of lost it would have
all been on his shoulders cuz he put the team together. The
celebrations afterwards were the best though. People driving
up and down the street with the flags hanging out their
windows honking their horns and singing "Oh Canada" long
into the night. Some of them were pretty funny. Yeah and not
only that but our womens' hockey team beat the USA for the
gold medal on Thursday night as well. Talk about sweet
redemtion- Yeehah! Proud Canadian baby!!!

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