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2002-02-25 11:55:34 (UTC)

Hugh, who?

Famous people dream again, plus friends.

My friends are back from Germany (not in real life, in the
dream) and they're sleeping on a fold out couch in my house
(which I don't have), except it doesn't look like my house.
They have a child, and bring her out, and she's a little
version of C, and she's over 1 yr old and talking, just
like a little version of C! She has opinions (well formed
ones) on music and everything!
I look at C and ask her, "Just how long WERE you in
Germany, anyway?" Somehow time has expanded.
We are talking and catching up and everyone is playing with
the baby. (Which I think has to do with the book I just
read again, Girlfriend in a Coma, not any premonition into
my friends' lives!)
Then cut to where I remember something that C will really
want to hear about and I say "Hey, guess what, I'm *sorta*
friends with Hugh Grant now." She's of course wanting to
hear all the details, so in my mind another dream takes
over, the story of how I came to be friends with Hugh Grant.
I'm at a school/theatre and am watching some production
which I am cutting out early on. I am cutting out early so
that I can go over to a friend's house and have coffee with
her and some other friends and family.
I see Hugh Grant waiting in the lobby, talking to a friend
of mine (who happens to look exactly like Molly Shannon). I
am introduced, and she says that he'll be coming over too,
for coffee. She's definitely interested in him and keeps
trying to flirt with him, although he's not picking up on
Cut to where we're at her apt. and I'm trying to make the
coffee for everyone. She's totally out of coffee except for
two small packets of nescafe, which won't serve more than 1
or 2 people, and will taste crappy. She has tons of Earl
Grey tea, though. SO, I ask my family and friends if they
mind tea, and no one does, so I think we're all good to go.
I see "Molly"out of the corner of my eye and I can tell
she's planning something, but I'm not sure what it is. She
says "Oh crap! I'm really out of coffee? I need to get some
more. I wonder..." She wants to call and ask Hugh if he'll
pick some up, after he's finished watching the play that he
stayed to see all of , after we all bailed on the student
production (perhaps he had family or friends in it?). She
wants an excuse to call him, but won't own up to it. I
say, "Oh, you need to ask him to pick up stuff, I'll call
him." I can tell she really wanted to be the one, but she
can't tell me no and risk exposing herself. So, she dials
his cell phone number (apparently she has it memorized),
and I get on the phone. It rings a few times,and then he
"Hi, Hugh?"
"Yes, who's this?"
"Hi, um, it's Lisa, we just met this evening..."
"Oh sure, Lisa, Hi! I have to tell you that you really
missed something special by leaving early. The kids did a
version of Danny Boy!" (He's being totally sarcastic and
fun. I am loving this!)
"Oh yeah? Well last year they did that, but they had a cast
of thousands.Sean Connery was in their production but had
to take a bit part, due to fierce competition for the
For some reason, both Hugh and I think this is hilarious
and we are cracking up , just enjoying ourselves.
I remember why (supposedly) I called.
"Oh, um, you know we don't have any coffee over here
actually and we were wondering if you wouldn't mind picking
some up on the way over."
"Sure, no problem. Be glad to--"
At this point, "Molly" jabs me for attention and
whispers "Say that I *hinted* that it was wrong for you to
ask him (even though it was her idea!!)"
So, I say this and then add" But I knew you wouldn't mind,
and would be totally cool with it"
Hugh agrees, it's no big deal and we hang up. I'm simply
happy he's coming over (for some reason I am not making a
big deal out of all this).
Molly is mad at me, saying," what was all that bit where
you were talking about Sean Connery and such?"
I explain that Hugh and I were merely joking around, having
some fun and that it's no big deal, but it's clear that
she's jealous of the attention he's paying me.
"Hey, look, we were just talking and if you have a problem
with that, I'm sorry. He obviously enjoys my company, and
it's not a flirting thing, whatever you might say. I'm
married, and for so many other reasons as well, I am sure
he's NOT interested in me like that. Fuck, if he gives me a
little attention as a friend, why do you have a problem
with that?"
I silence her with this speech and she seems to relent
I WOKE UP before Hugh actually got to the apt.! damn.