My so-called life
2001-05-04 00:59:00 (UTC)

May 3th, 2001 ~ Thursday ~ 8:35 PM

Today I had chocolate milk for breakfast, church school at
7, left home at 6:50 AM. Theresa was first, I was second,
Eric third and so on. Mrs. Taylor did not bring food for
once. Had a fight with Eric, had to beat him up to see what
he wrote about me. =) Got to school, met friends outside.
8th graders left for DC at 5:30 AM. I miss John. =/ oh
well. Mrs. Blasland sub for Science, started egg drop
project. Tiffany and I were VERY unsuccessful. Mrs.
Ratbrain sub for SS. Had a good day, was pretty nice to us.
Let us socialize for a whole 5 minutes. Mrs. Tamiso sub for
English, hysterical. Will have her next year for advanced
french. Ms. Myers still in for Math. Pretty boring. Lunch
boring. Orchestra was weird considering so 8th graders.
Quite quiet (not) but productive. I played considerably
well. Sat w/ Sarah. Reading w/ ms ratbrain, silent reading,
was fun, into my books. Gym, I'm out b'c of my knee and it
was outside so I slept in the grass and got burned on my
shoulders. Spilled life story to Lior. Going to her house
Sunday. Tech- I finally got to cut my pieces. woo. I'm
afraid of the machines =X. Stayed after in library w/
Jenna, got in trouble for laughing over gay crap. Had diet
coke and mac n cheese when I got home. Watched TRL then got
dressed for ballet while watching 7th Heaven. Ballet was so
tough, we're combined w/ the class now for the
recital and I guess my feet just aren't made for pointe
shoes, they bled worse than ever. So sore. *Note: work on
extensions and tone tummy, 50 crunches/day*end note* Had
another diet coke @ home. Called dad and finally asked
permission to go to Katie's party May 12th and Nikki's Bat
mitzfah May 19th. I can go to both.
May 5th (Saturday) Ballet(?), Acro
May 6th (Sunday) Lior's (?)
May 12th (Saturday) Katie's party 6-10
May 19th (Saturday) Nikki's Bat Mitzfah ~ Ceramony: 9:15,
After party: 7-11 at giganolls
~ Colie ~