Matt's Ramblings
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2001-05-04 00:34:39 (UTC)

My day of Thurs.

I am feeling very tired right now. I am proud to announce
that I have a fan of my journal. That is cool, thanks for
your feedback Amy I appreciate it. Now one point that Amy
brought up is that I should hook up with Marissa. Yes that
is true but there is one thing standing in my way...
I can't drive therefore I can't go visit her. Major
Bummer. And Swampscott is so far away that, none of my
friends will drive me so I guess we will continue to have
our phone relationship at this point. She called me at
about 5:30 today. We had a pretty good conversation, but I
wasn't really in the mood to talk and my mom called my
house like five times, so I was getting annoyed. Whatever.
Today I had a pretty alright day. Started out doing a lab
for Chemistry which I ended up having to do four extra
times, not a great start. Then my english teacher yelled
at our class because only half the class showed up
yesterday, it was amusing. Then during history, I took
fake teacher money so now I can get like ten extra points
on my test, sweet deal, eh? Well then I had photo and
ended with health. Not very exciting. Let me think if
anything else is happening in my life.
I took my next step into manhood yesterday. Since my
parents are divorced when my family was invited to a event,
we would get one invitation. So pretty much when I was
invited to a Bar Mitzvah on my dad's side, the invitation
would go to him and I wouldn't find out about it for about
a week, but yesterday that all changed. I got my own
invitation to my cousins Bar-Mitzvah. That may not sound
like a huge deal to you, but to me it is awesome. I am yet
another step closer to becoming a man.
I was just flipping through the channels and I saw Driving
Miss Daisy on. This reminds me of when my grandma made me
go see Driving Miss Daisy in the theatres instead of
letting me see The Little Mermaid. Now I'm mad. Well,
that about it for tonight I think. I'll write again either
tomorrow or the next day.
If you like my journal, please send me a note, even if I
don't know you. Take Amy's lead and e-mail me, because it
is appreciated and I will answer all fan mail. Well, I'm
gonna go lie down, and watch TV. See ya,