Garden of Stones
2002-02-25 09:45:35 (UTC)

Happiest person alive(?)

Im so sick of it all. Im sick of going to the process of
going thorugh anything these days. For one thing, we have
James. James is a fat, smelly, stinky, raunchy, rancid,
disgusting, revolting, ugly, smelly piece of shit. The
problem with that? Oh, just the fact that I have to sit
with his stench all the fucking way from my house to
school, cause hes the only other person on my school bus.
For crying out loud, the fucking walking cesspool is
eighteen years old and yet he is still oblivious to the
wonderful innovations in the field of hygiene. Thats not
all, he is also a pretentious asshole. He bitches and
whines and cries about how shitty his life is and how he is
miserable. Well, I'd be miserable too if I smelled like
that, James my boy. The biggest piece of advice I could
SHOWER WHILE YOU ARE AT IT. NO ONE likes the guy in the
school except for a handful of people that associate with
him. And the worst thing is, he pretends to like
certain "hardcore" bands so that he will look cool. I
guarantee the guy doesn't know more than one Rammstein song
or a Soulfly song. Fucking asshole.

Oh, and speaking of Soulfly, I just went to my first
concert! Let me tell you, it was fucking intense. I got
into some pretty fucking insane mosh pits along to music
from Static-X, Soulfly, Soil, and Onesidezero. Girls
exposed breasts. Marijuana was smoked. Punches and knees
were exchanged. Just good old fashioned family fun. Next
concert: WAAF Indoor beach Party baby! Mushroomhead, Coal
Chamber, Drowing Pool, Tree, and, uh, er, fuck, forgot the
other one. But it sure looks like Im gonna be leaving
hurting from that one!

Yes, I have been smoking weed more frequently. I still
enjoy very much to drink. "Tripped" on Benadryl and "DXM"
(both were lame, I know, but I had no other ways to get
fucked up at the moment). Did a little of Klonopin here and
there. I've finally broke free of the burdens of ordinary
everyday occurences and have started to live life in a way
that represents the word: alive.

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