worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-02-25 08:40:07 (UTC)

To satisfy a craving

i begged a friend of mine to come over and give me what i
desire. He not usually being into BDSM made me promise to
accept whatever he gave without question and pay him for
the privilege. i eagerly agreed.

That night he came over and we begam immediately. He had
me strip, lay out all my toys, and kneel before him. He
said he wanted to test me. He said he wanted to play

He tied bells to my nipples and had me stand with my hands
behind my head and legs spread far apart. "If I hear the
bells ring, I will whip your cunt with the cat-o-nine-
tails." He then slowly began to touch me, grab me, tickle
me, caress me, bite me, slap me, poke me, pinch me, etc.
Whenever the bells rang, he stopped long enough to whip my
cunt nice and hard before returning to my torment. Before
he dulled of this, my cunt was swollen, red and throbbing.

He bent me over a chair and grabbed a large paddle. "Don't
make a sound." He then began swatting my ass with all his
strenth. i held my tongue for as long as possible but the
pain became too much. i began shouting and crying. He
stopped. "What a shame, you only had five more strokes to
go and I would have stopped. But since you made a sound, I
will give you forty more." And he did. And i screamed and
cried and begged him for mercy. And none was granted.

He tied my hands behind my back and reached for the bag of
clothespins. One by one my tits were covered with them.
Ten on each tit and one on each nipple. It hurt and i bit
my lip to keep from crying. He sat and smoked a cigarette
for several minutes watching me. Finally he walked over to
me and roughly ripped each pin off until my tits were bare
except for countless red welts. i was crying now and told
him i had had enough. He was not amused. He took a thin
bamboo cane and whipped my tits until i fell to knees from
exhaustion and pain. "I have not had enough," was all he

He threw me to the bed and tied my legs wide open. i
thought was going to rape me. i was wrong. He left the
room and re-entered with three of my largest dildoes. He
forcefully shoved one in my ass, one in my pussy, and one
in my mouth. Each of my holes were aching terribly and
tears were running down my face. He left the room again
and i feared he was going to leave me there like that all
night. That would have been too kind compared to what he
had planned. He re-entered this time carrying a violet
wand. My eyes grew large but he looked perfectly calm. He
turned it on to one of its highest settings. My eyes
pleaded for mercy without answer. First he touched my
right nipple. Pain seared through me and i tried to scream
through the dildo as every muscle in my body spasmed. He
stopped for a few seconds and repeated the guesture to my
left nipples. Every few seconds a new place on my body was
electrocuted and tortured. Minutes went by; they felt like

He looked down at me and for a moment i thought i saw pity
in his eyes. "You wanted this and I have no sympathy for
you. However, if you wish to end the night you must agree
to this... I will attach electrodes to your nipples and
clit. These areas will be tortured for thirty minutes
straight at a level high enough to cause you extreme pain
but no permanent damage. Meanwhile I will whip the soles
of your feet, pour hot wax on your skin, whip the inside of
your thighs and perform various other torments. But only
for 30 minutes. After that I will remove all instruments
of pain, fuck you like the whore you are, take my money and
go. All you must do at the end, is thank me. Otherwise, I
will spend the next few hours proving that up til now has
just been a warm-up session. But, you would not have to
thank after. That is my only offer. Do you accept?"
What could i do? Sadly, i nodded. He left and returned
with the electrodes...