Born To Fly
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2002-02-25 07:54:32 (UTC)

Dreams of T and C

Todd: so i come to ur house and ur in the shower and i walk into ur
bathroom unknowingly and i say, oh sorry didnt mean to intrude, and
you say, its ok no problem come join me, so you come out of the
shower and ur a vision, absolutely amazing, and i cant think straight
enuff to take my clothes off, so you help me out.... but u do it
slowly so that u dont get completely engrossed as i am... after u
finally get it all off of me, we jump back in and u ask me to scrub
ur back and i do it, but then i reach around and help you out with
the front, and then hold u from behind and i kiss you gently on ur
neck as ur rubbing mini me..... then you turn around and i look at me
with ur beautiful eyes that see right through into my inner being and
u jump up into my arms and we are one for the first time ever.... i
sit down and u remain on top of me and we make love until the water
turns so cold that its unbearable. I wont let u go.... ever and u
hold me as u held in the car on saturday, and our mouthes are one the
whole time.

Me :::DREAMING:::So were driving around without a care in the world,
much like we did last weekend. We were both really tired and you
really didnt feel up to taking me home then driving yourself home so
we found a small Motel 6 and decided to get a room. It was tiny...one
bed, haha a tv with HBO which meant they had "high quality" cable!,
and a jacuzzi. So we really felt like something relaxing so we went
to the jacuzzi. It was late and of course we didnt bring bathing
suits so we slipped in but no one was around so we didnt have to
worry about skinny dipping. We turned on the jets and let the bubbles
brush our backs. You layed against the wall and I was on top of you
and we just listened to the sound of silence! (damn im good!) So we
started kissing and the kisses grew stronger and stronger and we were
grew more and more excited. I sat on top of you like I used to on the
bean bag chair and we couldnt keep our hands off each other. It was
almost like for a moment in time we didnt see anything around us and
all we knew was that we were happy. So we go back inside the room and
cuddle underneath the covers of our small bed and just played around
until neither of us could stand it any longer. You had that "look"
and when our eyes met it was an amazing connection. We tasted each
other everywhere and memorized the curves of each others bodies.
Eventually we both cooled down and just lay together, holding each
other, rubbing each other and kissing till we both fell asleep in
each others arms.