JeSs-WeSi you simply ROCK
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2001-05-03 23:55:06 (UTC)


i'm listening to D.C i love them! (destiny's child) i'm
working on my voice for the band that i fuck in! who i mean
sing it.
i've gotten tons (well 6) of feedback from you guys

but i'll finish latter FRIENDS is on


okay i'm back... a reader of mine asked me about being a cutter and
talked about how she didnt know others had this problem...
sweetie... i can name 5 or 10 of my friends that cut, thats not why i
cut... i actually prolly got cutting out in the open at my school.
well in my group of friends. cutting is a passion, its a life, its a
way to get the evils out of my body. i yell and scream and things get
better but NOTHING no drug no pill no anything can over power the
blood running down your body. i've done no major cuts no knives no
blades no razors i use needles mainly b/c you can carry em around and
not get in trouble (safty pins, sewing needles, even hypodermic) this
is NOT an everyday thing for me, nor is it OKAY to do its horrible
for your body but it is also an addiction... a strong one that is
horribly hard to fight when you're in so much pain you could cry but
cant get the tears out. cutting is an art it is a dangerous art that
you have to be careful with and not do to much at once, always keep
stuff on your cuts so it doesnt get infected. most of my friends will
cut and then just leave it to get infected. thats horrible, cutting
is not a good way to do, but if you must you must. if you've never
cut DONT! it will litterally fallow you around for the rest of your
life, the scars the rumors. there was a movie on USA once i think
called the Secret Cutting. it opens your eyes to what they call "the
new anorexia" and its so true it kills.
i started by little things, pricking my fingers, knicks while
shaving, little cuts to see how much it hurt, cuts on the wrist, i
have... a total of 15 scars on my left arm, about an 1 inch long and
tiny from a hypodermic needle or a safty pen, and about 8 to 10 on my
left leg. its a rare thing that i actually MAKE the CUT, i always
crave it. alwyas more than drugs more than caffine more than


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