The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-25 06:28:55 (UTC)

Me vs. The Cupcake

So my sister made these fabulous cupcakes today... only one
problem, theyre very good.

The cupcake is staring at me now saying "Eat me, Eat me!"
and Im sitting here, not hungry, thinking- "Noooo, but
youre sooooo goood... I want to eat you, but I cant!" I
need more willpower... its mocking me now saying "I have
yummy jimmies and white frosting, I am chocolate, you
LOOOVE chocolate... eat me!" And there are about a dozen
more saying the same thing from the kitchen.

Its almost as bad as the day I was stuck on the couch cos I
had to rest my foot, and I watched Gone with the Wind while
brownies seemed to disappear... they said "Eat us! Were
great! No one makes better brownies... (well Lisa's are
great) were chocolately..."

And then Starbucks, whoa, when Mike's working and I dont
have to pay? "Come to me, I am Starbucks, I am your home...
you love me. I have coffee... you love vanilla lattes...
come drink!"

And the bar & Eddie Dogs- "I am the Loomis. You love to
come to me! I have any drink you could imagine! You love my
amaretto sours... they make you happy! You love to come
waste your money! Then go to Eddies and get a Taco dog...
Eddie loves you!"

Okay, just the fact that I am imagineing these things
talking to me... means I need sleep!