down in my eyes
2002-02-25 05:48:30 (UTC)


The clock ticks,
a minute passes by...
The candle flame flickers,
I watch the smoke rise, fade, and die.
With the same wish as every nite,
I blow the flame away,
left and surrounded in darkness,
my cold feet are all that stays.

He arrives,
so I ly, and with a sigh, I shut my eyes
hiding in the crevice of my mind,
I dare not peek till he passes by.
The moment passes,
he comes and goes,
and leaves me suffocating
amoungst my woes.

Awake, I await for sleep to overtake me.
Pondering and wishing 'bout the feel of
one's caressing embrace,
I watch the clock from where I lay.
The clock ticks,
a minute passes by...